Cognitive Computing

We're on the cusp of a huge technical shift.

Is your enterprise ready for the cognitive transformation?

Cognitive computing brings together machine learning, reasoning, natural language recognition, speech and vision technology to emulate the logical functioning of the human brain and help improve human decision making. A cognitive solution when applied to business can be called a "digital assistant".

Cognitive computing is here now and will boost business performance and engage your audience on a whole new level. Acuiti's solutions embody your brand, addresses your customers’ main questions and can escalate to a human operator if needed.

At Acuiti we build, train, and deploy artificially intelligent bots, IVRs, and Alexa apps using natural language understanding and machine learning frameworks powered by global leaders in cognitive solutions.


Our solutions cover applications such as

  • messaging bots
  • interactive voice response (phone IVRs)
  • voice assistants

Solutions may be deployed across a number of communication and media types for example - Slack, Google Assistant and Alexa. Acuiti uses a powerful natural language processing and machine learning engine that allows a virtual assistant to understand incoming communication in real-time, regardless of the channel.

Cognitive computing solutions are constructed using a consultative approach:

1. Build - our workshop process unearths the specific tasks that the assistant can be applied to. Each task is then programmed with actions that instruct the assistant on how to perform the task.

2. Train - the solution will be trained to understand it's environment, stakeholders and mapping the range of commands to a given task.

3. Test - once the system is built, we can test the assistant's understanding. The is an extensive test of the interactions of each likely stakeholder with the machine, and looking for results which prove that the correct intent was identified.

4. Launch - Once your assistant can understand and respond, you're ready to go! The same assistant may be used to power multiple channels of communication for your business.

Acuiti cognitive solutions will transform your customer and employee experience. 

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