Project Management

Project methodology is key to the success of any engineering project. Our refined project management process starts from a technology agnostic perspective, focusing first on your strategy, functions, scaleability and servicability requirements, to develop the architectural vision for your project.

The suitable technical framework for your project is distilled from the architectural vision - rather than the vision being framed by the limitations of a specific technical framework.

The implementation phase of the project consists of an agile, open project management approach with structured budgets, forecasts and deliverables. In addition to being proponents of Open Source tech, we are also a Microsoft Partner and develop using the full suite of Microsoft products, along with a comprehensive code library the we've developed over hundreds of projects.

Our Agile approach to project management delivers ideas, user experience (UX), design and completed software. Agile provides a collaborative and open approach to solution development is able to produce rapid results for your project through a managed process. Our project team uses a number of tools - primarily based on the Atlassian Jira platform - to manage and report on key elements:

  • Project Budget - the amount or other resources which are allocated to a phase of development.
  • Forecast - regular planning to determine resource allocation over the next 4-8 weeks, to ensure that the phase can be completed on schedule.
  • Actual - on the fly reporting of the actual time spent, hour by hour and task by task.
  • Projection - analysis of the forecast, backlog and resources, a projection of developed for remaining time budget to bring the project to completion.

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